About Us

ChocArt Australia

Our company is a new family owned Australian manufacturer of prime quality chocolates, confections and chocolate products. Our traditions and knowledge of chocolate art come in handy in the production process. Strong professional values and thrive for perfection allow us to exercise our skills and craft amazingly delicious chocolate creations.

We embrace Australian traditions of fairness, freedom and mateship and make it our mission to provide the best quality of product and service to our customers, alongside with the best premium Belgium chocolate the world has fallen in love with.

Our values

Passion – We love chocolate and believe that it is the greatest pleasure when your passion is your job. We constantly learn something new about chocolate and very excited to share this knowledge with you.

People – We have strong family values and care for everyone we love. We understand and emphasise these special connections that bring people together.

Quality – We strive for perfection and quality of our products, that is why we use only the finest ingredients. We pay attention to every detail, to deliver premium service to our customers.

Traditions – We respect our history and traditions, but we are open to new perspectives and willing to embrace new ideas and values to strengthen our foundation and to lead us forward.

Art – We believe that chocolate is an art form to be enjoyed and appreciated like painting, music or photography.

Our products


We are proud to offer a range of exceptional handmade chocolates created by our Master chocolatiers. Made with passion, dedication to the art and respect to the chocolate, our chocolates would make you wish you never made those New Year resolutions. There is a great variety to choose from, and it is ever expanding, we are constantly innovating our products to satisfy our clients. Any product from our range is created with outmost care and love to deliver the best tasting treat to you and your customers.